• Balance Wheel - Use this tool to identify areas in your life where you are fulfilled and areas that might need attention.

  • Cohesive Vision Plan: Use this tool to align, agree and document who you are, what really matters and where you are going together.

  • Relationship Check Up: Use this tool to provide a consistent baseline to evaluate how you are doing as a couple and where you can level up.

  • Date Nights: Get to know your spouse again through intentional Date Nights using these tips.

  • Weekly Sync: Use this tool during your weekly meetings.

Book Cover.png

The Cohesive Couple - Bouwer and Lockwood: This book is for couples who want to replicate career success in their marriage, connect more deeply, align around a common vision, prioritize what is truly important, and achieve more together than was thought possible. We love this book because we wrote it!

Happy Together .png

Happy Together - Pawelski & Pawelski: This book talks about healthy habits that build happiness over the long haul in your relationship using positive psychology principles. We love this book because it focused on what's working and healthy habits to start.

7 Principles for Making Marriage Work.png

The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work - Gottman: Dr. Gottman spent years researching couples and this book summarizes 7 key principles to help improve your marriage, as well as the "Four Horseman" to watch out for. We love this book because it helped us gain awareness on how the Four Horsemen were showing up, and ways to counteract them together.

Family Board Meeting.png

Family Board Meeting - Sheils & Sheils: Imagine if you could dramatically strengthen your family in just a few hours. Connect more deeply with your children and make them feel important and unique. We love this book (and concept), and consistently have Board Meetings with each child every quarter.

The Gap and The Gain.png

The Gap & The Gain: Sullivan & Hardy: How often do we look at what is in front of us and get frustrated that we haven't arrived yet? How often we do actually celebrate success? This book helps explain the powerful concept of the gap and the gain. We love this book because it gives us language to realize when we are in the "gap."

Girl Get Your $hit Together.png

Girl, Get Your $hit Together - Chastain: This book helps you deep dive into your money personality to help you make great choices with your money. We love this book because our money styles are very different and this has given us an awareness and appreciation of each other's approach to spending and saving money.

Online Course.png

Positive Parenting Solutions - McCready: This online parenting course gives you tools and concepts to stop the exhausting power struggles you might be experiencing. We love this course and did it together. Rebecca in particular used these concepts to build a better relationship with her independent and strong willed daughter.